What is Iron Bull DIY Bumper?

Due to high demand Iron Bull Bumpers is proud to introduce the Iron Bull DIY Bumper. Now you can have the incredible look and strength of an Iron Bull Bumper as your own DIY project. Of course, we will still be offering our completed ready to install bumpers that we are known for.

Like our complete ready to install bumpers our DIY bumper are cut from a sheet of 3/16-inch plate steel in individual pieces so each piece will be welded together creating a bound between each piece for increased strength. Instead of weak press braking that bends the metal and creates a soft point in the metal. Our DIY series bumpers come with all the necessary pieces to create your own bumper.

What makes the Iron Bull DIY Bumper different from other DIY Bumpers?

Our DIY bumper is the only one with available cut-outs for your parking sensors front and rear (whether your vehicle is equipped with them or not) and our DIY bumpers come standard with cut-outs to use your factory trailer plug and factory license plate lights. We pre-make the frame mounted brackets to mount your bumper to, to give you a head start. None of our pieces are press broke they are all individual cut for you to fully weld together for maximum strength.

How to build your DIY Bumper

Our bumpers are designed to weld together quickly and easily using your truck as the jig and then bolt onto your truck as a finished product. Our DIY bumpers are self-paced to the amount of time you can spend on it and skill level of welder. After you finish grind the bumper you can coat.

Customizing an Iron Bull DIY Bumper

Picture below it's a sample of how your DIY bumper with a bed liner finish could look like without any of the options we offer you on it.


Picture below it's a sample of th same DIY bumper but with some of the options we offer you. Looks totally different right? Make sure to select those options you need on your DIY bumper before checkout.


Custom Options Available for your DIY Bumper:

  • 1” D-rings (welded unfinished/not grinded): Our DIY bumper does not come with any cheap/low quality D-rings, but we do offer you a high quality D-rings for a small customization fee.

    • Sensor Holes: If your vehicle model comes with sensors, Iron Bull gives you an option to put those sensor holes for you with a small customization fee.

      • Square/Round Light Holes: Our bumpers come standard with no light holes. However, you can also customize it to have a set of light holes at a small additional charge.(Number of holes depends on your vehicle model)

        • Winch mount Plate (Center Hole): We can cut a lead hole for the winch in the front of the bumper, along with a 3/16” winch mounting plate and two access holes.

          • Center Light Holes: You can add a 12” or 20" light bar mount to your bumper for a small customization fee.

            • Logo delete: Iron Bull can be taken off from your bumper if you want for a small customization fee.

              • Fender Flare Adapters: Only available for big boys from FORD (F450/550) and DODGE (4500/5500) this adapter it's an extra piece of metal that will match your fender flare for a small additional charge.

                • Side Steps: Some vehicle models have this option available for their rear DIY bumper for a small optional fee

                  • Welded Hitch: for a small additional charge you can add this option to your DIY bumper and get a welded in hitch.

                    • Bumper Bars:  If you want extra protection we have a few (by now) bar options to add to your DIY bumper for a small additional fee.