2004-2014 Chevrolet Colorado Rear Base Bumper

  • 2004-2014 Chevrolet Colorado Rear Base Bumper
  • 2004-2014 Chevrolet Colorado Rear Base Bumper
  • 2004-2014 Chevrolet Colorado Rear Base Bumper - Iron Bull Bumpers - REAR IRON BUMPER - Metal bumper for heavy duty trucks Perfect for CITY/OFF-ROAD applications with Light Buckets and Winch Mount included

2004-2014 Chevrolet Colorado Rear Base Bumper



Perfect for CITY/OFF-ROAD applications.
Rear Base Bumper with Heavy Duty design,
Winch Mount included.Winch LED light Bars Mount Custom Metal Bumper for Chevrolet 2003 03 2004 04 2005 05 2006 06 2007 07 2008 08 2009 09 2010 10 2011 11 2012 12 2013 13 2014 14

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Welcome to our "ABOUT BUMPERS" page, here you will learn what makes our bumpers the best choice for your truck.


Our base bumper, standard features include, four five inch Round light hole buckets or two five inch Round light hole buckets (depending on your model), a winch plate to mount any winch you want and our "welded through" d-rings to mount any 3/4" shackles. (Lights, winch, and shackles not included with our bumpers) When we say "welded through" we mean a slot is cut in the front plate and the d-ring is inserted and welded on the inside and out. We are the only company that does this. Other bumper companies just put the d-ring on front plate without cutting a slot and weld it once on the outside of the bumper. 

Our base bumper is constructed from a sheet of 3/16" plate steel, each piece cut out as its' own, so there is no press braking to ensure maximum strength. Then each piece is jigged into place and fully hand welded from the inside, out, grinded to a smooth, but strong finish then coated with our "Black Shield" coating. We take the extra time to fully weld our bumpers unlike other bumper companies that press brake most of the bumper and stitch weld in only a few places, our bumpers are made to be used and abused not just to look pretty. 

Most bumper companies use powder coating or liquid paint as a finish on their bumpers, but we are the only ones to use what we call our "Black Shield" coating it is a premium bed liner like Rhino lining ® or Line-X ®. Unlike powder coating and liquid paint "Black Shield" will not chip off or crack from rocks, instead our coating repels the rocks. Just as we said before our bumpers are made to be used and abused not just to look pretty. (To learn even more about our paint check out our "paint" page) Pictured below is an example of our front base bumper.(Lights, winch, and shackles not included with our bumpers)


Our rear bumpers are just as strong and good looking as the front and include cut outs for your factory license plate lights, trailer plug and sensors(if you have them). About 99% of our rear bumpers are able to use your stock factory receiver hitch, but that 1% of trucks have their factory receiver hitch as a part of the stock bumper so it must come off. If your truck is a part of this 1%, no need to worry because our welded in hitch is included for these trucks and will be stated in the description if your truck is in that 1%.


Our base bumpers can be customized to your needs. Our "Add-Ons" and any of our "Grille Guard" pages are a great place to look to make your bumper your own. 

Our Add-ons are accessories to your base bumper, you can change the style of your light holes from round to square. Or you can swap out the front winch plate to a "Eco boost plate" or a 12" or 20" "Light bar plate". These are just a few of our available "Add-Ons" you can chose from so be sure to check out our Add-ons page on the menu and take a look to all of them.

If you looking for some added protection you need to check out our Grille Guards on our "Heavy Duty", Extreme Duty", and "Specialty" pages. 

Our "Heavy Duty" Grille Guards feature 2" 1/8th wall tubing bent and welded to base bumper. Our "Extreme Duty" features 2 1/2" 3/16ths wall Schedule 40 Gas Pipe cut and welded rather than bent and welded to the base bumper, these bars will resist the toughest environments you'll encounter. And our "Specialty" Grille Guards feature some of our most innovated designs yet with both 32" and 42" curved light bars concealed in a strong box that can take a hit called "32" and 42" Extreme Vetting" bars. And triple plated ram horns called "Reaper". So make sure to check out all of these awesome Grille Guards found on the "Grille Guards/Add-Ons" tab.

(Pictured below are some examples of variations of Add-ons you can chose)















At Ironbull Bumpers we hand deliver all of our bumpers on our own trucks. This to ensure no shipping damage to your bumper. A estimated time to be made is about 5 weeks. For international shipping please e-mail us for quotes and details.

If you have any questions about our warranty, paint or anything else? go to our "Help Center" tab on menu and select what you need. You contact us for specific questions if you don't found what you're looking for. Send us an email or call us, our phone numbers are at the top or button of our website and you can also click on "Contact" menu or "Contact us"  red button at the button right of this page and tell us what you need by email.


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