At Iron Bull Bumpers, we have tested our Black Shield to the extreme. We have beaten on it with hammer, plowed through rivers and ran it into sand piles and boulders.

You won't be able to do any of that with powdercoat or painted bumpers.

But what is Black Shield anyway? Black Shield is a bonding process that we spray over our bumpers, it is the toughest scratch and dent resistant material.

Its appearance is a rough texture with a slightly rubberized feel. Its durability is greater than powder coat and it resembles the properties of the premium bed liners like Rhino Linings or Line-X linings.

We at Iron Bull have had painted and powder coated bumpers and have found that regular automotive paint and powder coat on our trucks does not hold up. Within 6 months, the rocks chips the bumper had received from city driving were visible and made it look worn and unattractive. However, now all the bumpers on our trucks have Black Shield on them and they still look great, no matter if we are city driving or off roading. In addition to the durability of Iron Bull Bumpers and our Black Shield, DTM paint by Sherwin Williams can also be used on top of Black Shield and can be color matched to your truck. DTM is stronger than automotive paint because and with the Black Shield under this high quality and durable paint; rocks don't have a chance to chip it. Using DTM paint by Sherwin Williams is also a cost effective option for improving the look of your truck as it is only $50.00 dollars per gallon and can be easily rolled or brushed on. Nothing holds up like Black Shield.



Photos below show how powdercoat looks after one year. To have your bumper recoated is costly, especially if it's required every year. The reason for the high cost is that it can be labor intensive since the bumper must be removed as well as dissasembling the winch and the light from the bumper and having it powder coated. By the time you are done with the recoating process, the project can easily cost hundreds of dollars. That is why Iron Bull Bumpers are an excellent choice when trying to improve the look and durability of your truck. Our bumpers come ready to install with our Black Shield as a standard feature and under normal usage it will never need to be repainted. Black Shield can be touched up on vehicle without dissasembling it in matter of hours and at a low cost. We do the job right the first time and that is why we have the best product for your truck.


The cost to color match your truck at a body shop can be high and touch ups will need to be done every six to twelve months due to chips from city driving, as shown on the picture below of a bumper that was painted six months ago. As with powdercoating, having a bumper repainted can be a costly project due to the labor involved in stripping the paint off the bumper and dissasembling the light and winch.

Black Shield can be touched up on vehicle without disassembly in matter of hours.



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