How to start

How to Start?

To start you will notice there are many options to choose from to make the custom truck front bumper you have always wanted without the extreme cost from fab shops and months of waiting. The default selected options, is called a "Base Bumper" which will include: a Winch mount (easy winch ready bolt up design), no Grille Guard, and round light hole buckets with a starting price of $1,700.

Bumper Options

The first option, "Select a center plate" will determine how you want to use your bumper. The default option will have winch ready mounting, but you can also select from a LED Light bar plate (12” or 20”) or a Ecoboost plate for extra engine cooling airflow.

The next option, “Select a Style of Light Hole Cutouts” will determine which light hole cutouts you would like. You can pick from 5-inch round light hole buckets or 3 inches Square light hole buckets.

The option, “Select a Grille Guard” is where you can make your bumper stand out from the rest. The standard option will not have any Grille Guards, here you will see 20 different Grille Guard options, to see example pictures of Grille Guards hover your mouse on the small example pictures or click on the “Grille Guards'' tab on the top main menu bar on the website for a detailed explanation of the Grille Guards.

* For those that have selected the Grille Guard option “Carnage, Shredder, Reaper or Doomsday” two more options will appear, “20-inch Light Bar Box In-between the Ram Horns” for those who want extra lighting and the option “3/4 Inch Recovery Shackle Mounts through Ram Horns”, for those that would like to have the ability to mount a 3/4-inch Recovery Shackle. (For a detailed explanation for the Heavy Duty, Extreme Duty, and Specialty Grille Guards click on the “Grille Guards” tab in the menu bar on the top of the website)

The last option, "Bumper Options" include a removable 2-inch receiver hitch, which can only be used if you select your bumper to have a winch mount, because the receiver mounts to the winch plate. If you still want a hitch and want to install a winch or have a different center plate, then select the option welded in 2-inch receiver hitch in the skid plate.

Once you have picked your bumpers’ options, add it to the cart and check out. You will get a call from one of our representatives to confirm your order and your order will be processed and start being built!

If you would like advice or help with bumper options feel free to give us a call at (602)-400-3868 or email us at Available 24/7 to answer your questions.